Scrum framework in enhancing team productivity

Team is responsible for the success or failure of a project, Every one wants his/her team to be in the Performing stage of the Tuckman model as early as possible.But to achieve this the cross functional/self-empowered scrum team need to inculcate the scrum values in their main stream. As we know team is a ship that sails together and drowns together, In order to keep the ship sailing the role of the Scrum Master becomes critical.

In the context of the case study in which a scrum team successfully accomplished a Fixed Price Project with various challenges and their mitigation plans this talk draws a correlation between a scrum team and a school class and tries to draw an analogy between the two.

In our school days we have been seeing two sets of students:- Self Performing ones & Non Self Performing ones and the various methodologies adopted by our teachers to bring the Non Self Performers at par to the Self Performers. We also saw that a topic taught in our school class by two different teachers could create different levels of understanding within the same class. Hence in a nutshell this talk will lay emphasis of creating a successful scrum team within the domain of the Scrum framework, by minor tweaks and twists that suits best by an Empirical Approach of Inspect and Adapt.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Presentation will be on the below agenda:-

  • (5 mins) Tuckman model/Scrum Values in context of building a effective Scrum team.

  • (35 mins) In the context of the case study the below segments will be touched, focus will be to identify parameters that could help you identify bottlenecks so that you can accordingly mitigate.

    • Metrics:- Analysis of team productivity based on various metrics like Velocity Chart, Burn-down Chart will be discussed here.

    • Scrum Ceremonies:- This segment will cover the "When" part of scheduling the ceremonies for a better productivity.

    • Coaching:- This segment will cover the "Whom, When and What to Coach" so as to maintain the "josh" of the team.

    • Sprint Goal:- This segment will talk of a 30-60-100 methodology to track a Sprint Goal in which both Dev and QA are working hand-in-hand in the same Sprint.

  • (5 mins) Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Interpreting team dynamics.

  • Enhancing team productivity.

  • Building self performing team

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Program Managers, Agile Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Well versed with Scrum methodology

  • Some basics about Project Management

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