In this workshop, participants will generate awareness and insights regarding their individual working styles (Hay, Julie 2009). Through an engaging online game and a fun activity, everyone will be able to identify their preferred working style(s). We will discuss the strengths and drawbacks of each working style, and identify personalized strategies to develop agility in one’s own working style. This way, I wish to embellish the agility quotient of each participant.


Hay, Julie (2009). Working it out at work. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing.


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

  • Introduction
  • Welcome
    • Mindful meditation
    • Expectations from workshop
  • What’s your preferred Working Style?
    • Fun activity
    • Online game
  • Agility in different Working Styles
    • Group discussion
  • Closure

Learning Outcome

  • Awareness & Insights about your preferred Working Style(s)
  • Personalized strategies and actions to enhance Agility in your Working Style

Target Audience

Everyone interested in enhancing their own agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind, inquisitiveness and a desire to learn about self.

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