The core of Agile Transformation is a change of mindset and there is a lot of struggle that organizations and individuals face when they have to learn agile ways of working.

It is often observed, when teams or individuals initiate their agile transformation journey they struggle a lot to part ways with their old models of delivering projects and as long as they are hand held by a coach or a trainer they push themselves to adopt the agile ways. But as soon as they hit their first blocker or their coaches are not with them anymore, they tend to fall back to their old ways of working, i.e. not agile.

In my experience as agile coach at a few organiztions, I realized that one has to unlearn before re-learning or learning new ways of working to see sustainable change happen and reap the benifits of their agile tranformation.

In my session I would be sharing a few of my thoughts and experiences on how to structure the unlearning process as a natural and self driven initiative by each one of the agile team member. This helps one unleash their own learning potential and overcome the inertia of learing new ways.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Emphasis of Unlearning - why it is important

Behavioural obstacles to unlearning - how to identify

Patterns of resistance to unlearinng - how to tackle

Procedural appoach to unlearning - How to do it on the ground with sustainable impact

Learning Outcome

Identify one's own unlearning challenges

Learn practical appraoch to address unlearning

What you need to make the unlearning most effective and sustainable

Example from experience where this process has been successful

Target Audience

Leaders, Agilists, Managers, HR

Prerequisites for Attendees


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