Three types of Value can be looked into in a scrum set-up- Business Value, Customer Value and User Value. Typically customer is the one who pays for the value or service and users are the ones who ultimately work on the software. In a general sense, Business value is treated as equal to revenue or profits. Users represent the end-users. Depending on whether who pays for it is the one who uses it, these 3 roles will differ.

In any Agile system development context, understanding how these three types of Value play out is critical to formulating it for the product / application at hand and translating it into PBIs for translating into working software.

This session will examine how these three types of Values play out in differing contexts with real-life examples.

A similar session was presented in 2018 APGI conference in Pune in May. This is an enhancement over the same with more real life examples and delving deep into Product development and internal application development contexts.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

-Introduce the concept of Value

- Through real life scenarios contrast between User value, Business Value and Customer Value

- Contrast the context of Value in a product development - B2B and a B2C set-up and for internal application development

- audience q & a and scenarios from them

Learning Outcome

Understand the different dimensions of Value and apply it in the workplace.

Target Audience

product owners, agile coaches and practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience in using Scrum

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