On an Agile Expedition? take along following 7 toolkits in your backpack

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. This quote by Leo Tolstoy, I think is very much relevant to the Leaders and Organisations who want their teams to go on an Agile Transformation journey. An Agile mindset is important both for Agile Leadership and Agile Teams to welcome change internally and in the environment. But how to make it possible?

This talk is my personal story about experiences from Agile Expedition I took 8 years ago in three different companies. I will share the following tested 7 toolkits that can help to empower Agile Leaders and Agile Teams.

  1. Start with “Why?"
  2. Leader’s role in Agile Transformation
  3. Prepare a Psychological safe soil
  4. Eat the low hanging fruits first
  5. Set the structure clear
  6. Promote experimentation than an “Agile transformation"
  7. One size doesn’t fit all

Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Part: Foundation

  • Changing is nothing new
  • Understanding System thinking
  • Understanding Agile mindset

Part: Agile Leadership

  • Understanding Organizations from System Thinking lense
  • Achieving Self-awareness/self-management on the journey

Part: 7 tried and test toolkits

* Start with “Why?"
* Leader’s role in Agile Transformation
* Prepare a Psychological safe soil
* Eat the low hanging fruits first
* Set the structure clear
* Promote experimentation than an “Agile transformation"
* One size doesn’t fit all

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding Change
  • Understanding System Thinking
  • Understanding and Establishing an Agile Mindset
  • Agile in Context as a journey
  • Creating Psychological safety in team and organization
  • Mixing experimentation and best practices to boost innovation

Target Audience

Agile Coach, ScurmMaster, Change agents, Managers, Leadership and anyone who is leading people

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Agile and Organization culture would be enough for an interactive and productive session.

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  • Saket Bansal
    By Saket Bansal  ~  10 months ago
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    Author has shared the link of draft presentation : 


    Program Review Team, 

    Please consider this presentation when you review the talk.


  • Saket Bansal
    By Saket Bansal  ~  10 months ago
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    Thank you for submitting the talk, I want to point out that the slides and video you shared does not seem to be linking to this talk.  It will be helpful if you can share slides for this talk. It will help the reviewer in making the quick decision.


    • Khurram Bhatti
      By Khurram Bhatti  ~  10 months ago
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      Hello, Saket

      Thanks for your comments. You are right the slides/links are not related to this talk. However, I shared those to give an idea about other talks I had earlier.

      Sorry, I don't have the slides ready for this talk, besides, I am mostly using images to convey the thoughts and experiences. Though I have shared the structure and learning objectives to give an idea as per allotted time.

      Are slides considered as a requirement? if yes, I hopefully can prepare the first draft in coming days and share it here.