Agile for Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support

In today’s digital era Organizations have to rely on software applications to drive their business growth. Defining new strategies to increase their customer base and new revenue channels is important.

Organizations have to build Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) Team to ensure all applications and software are running seamlessly. Everything around us is evolving so quickly including technologies, market conditions and customer expectations. Merely fixing bugs and maintaining software is not sufficient. Enhancing user experience, improving performance, maintaining sustainability and staying competitive are crucial for success.

Agile Methodology is based on empirical process and it enables organizations to adapt and respond to changes quickly in Product Development Cycle. Can Organizations apply Agile Principals to AMS? Besides responding to customer fast can AMS be leverage for collecting user data efficiently to define user centric solutions?

I will be unfolding answers to these question during my Presentation using my own journey as Change Agent. I will share how organizations can evolve AMS teams as part of their Agile Transformation Journey.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Introduction – Why Agile?
  • How Application Maintenance and Support can be Agile?
  • Tools are important
  • Step 1: Identifying Bottlenecks
  • Step 2: Continuous Improvements
  • Step 3: Monitoring
  • Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • By combining Kanban and Kaizen philosophies Organizations can build an Application Maintenance and Support(AMS) process model to help them build product with User Empathy.
  • Visual boards and smart dashboard will help them identify broken and slow process pipelines, faulty code modules.
  • Besides being Point of Contact for all technical issues / queries escalated internally/externally in Organization, AMS can adapt to Monitoring as their core responsibility. This will help early detection of problems before impacting the customer.
  • AMS can be a key stepping stone in Organization’s Agile Transformation journey.

Target Audience

For agile enthusiast on transformation journey

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be Curious, Open Minded

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      Nowadays Agile is on the wishlist for every Organization. They want to be Agile for Faster Time to Market, to Achieve Competitive Advantage over their competitors. Organizations adapt to various tools and processes to achieve Agility. And they claim achieving Agility at initial adoption.

      This talk is about my journey as an Agile Coach and how i am using my learnings to transform my Organization. I am heading Agile Transformation office at BookMyShow, leading online ticketing platform in India. I will share my experiences on how I approached this journey, achievements and failures.