Supply Chain Agility - Lean Approach

In this session, participants will generate insights on the agility in the Supply Chain Industry. Apparently, the focus in an agile supply chain is on being fast and also on being smart in how efficiently are you aligning with the increasingly demanding customers.But the tenet is still that supply chains are driven by the end-consumers in the dynamic market places. The need for supply chain agility ultimately comes from the consumer. However, the customer behaviors could be driven by uncertainties caused possibly by the world oil prices, terrorism-related demand change or by the impact of new technological advancement.

The longer the supply chain the more complexity and increased risk of bullwhip effect. It will come as no surprise that the dominant buying behavior of customers in an agile supply chain operated environment is that of demanding quick response.

The known business models of make-to-order or assemble-to-order are critical for catering such demand. Hewlett-Packard has long adopted the practice of postponing the final assembly of its printers until the exact market demand in terms of product configurations are known.


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

  • Introduction to Supply Chain & Familiarization to Basic Agile Concepts.
  • Overview of Agile Supply Chain
      • Demand-Supply-Agility Observations
      • Lean vs Agile Supply - a short Comparison
  • Alan Harrison's Agile Supply Chain Framework
  • KPI(s) for Agile Supply Chain- Efficient Parameters under consideration.
  • Brief Caselets from Industry examples- Hewlett-Packard, Manufacturing (Lear Corp.) and Retail Industry (Zara).

Learning Outcome

There are people having roles that influence the decisions and working in Supply chain domain, the session will help them evaluate Agile and Lean demarcation in the Supply Chain Industry. This will be established in a dialogue mode interactive way (hopefully) .

The audience will also gain some insights for implementation of this Agile Supply Chain concept to ensure more holistic personalized strategies and actions to enhance Agility at their work.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in exploring and implementing Agility in Supply Chain .

Prerequisites for Attendees

An inquisitiveness to explore Agile in a domain different from IT .

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