VMware SkylineTM is a proactive support service aligned with VMware Global Support Services. It automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyzes product usage data which proactively identifies potential problems and helps VMware TSEs improve the issue resolution time.

The project was selected as a Tier 1 project at the Organization level and was reviewed and approved by the VMware Project Review Board, with funding being provided to fund the project from both CAPEX & OPEX.

The project used the methodology of – Collect, Listen, Analyze and Act as described below.

The rationale behind the solution approach was if VMware has a better understanding of the customer environment and usage,

  • It can proactively provide guidance to avoid potential problems before they occur,
  • It would help uncover an undiscovered bug or other anomalies that need attention
  • It can provide real-time analytics that would reduce time to resolution of issues with minimal impact to customer operations

Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This presentation aims at changing the support model within an existing organization from a reactive model to a proactive model.

As we go through the presentation details, we can understand the reason for the shift, internal and external challenges, project methodology used and the outcomes.

Learning Outcome

  • How proactive support model works?
  • About the in-house product - Skyline
  • How customers can be alerted even before an issue occurs

Target Audience

Product Managers, Support Managers or Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Support Environment in a Product Management Organization
  • Customer Interactive and support models
  • Challenges in processing customer logs and queries
  • Reactive vs Pro-active support models
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