How to effectively handle the Project/Program involving Agile and Waterfall Teams

Many Organizations are transforming from Waterfall to Agile methodology. But during the transition phase, both the teams should work together. Conflicts raise between teams following agile and waterfall methodology. In this session, i would like to emphasize the important things to be considered to achieve success involving both these methodologies.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction – 3 mins

Agile and Waterfall Methodology – 5 mins

Common Practices – 3 mins

How to handle ? – 2 mins

Common Governance – 2 mins

Common Tools – 2 mins

Conclusion – 3 mins

Learning Outcome

Effective handling of mixed teams involving agile and waterfall methodology

Key factors to be considered for hybrid teams

Where to focus to succeed

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Product Manager, Project Manager, Team members of Agile/Waterfall methodology

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge on Waterfall Methodology

Knowledge on Agile Methodology

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