Rhythm - The success of Scrum and life

The recent research says 81% of Agile projects deploys Scrum as their base framework, which eminently shows thats scrum is most successful framework under agile umbrella. What makes Scrum successful? Many factors like Light weight, less yet powerful roles and artifacts, Many yet absolutely worth meetings. Above all the rhythm of time boxing which is fixed and cyclic makes many wonders inside Scrum. Lets discuss how rhythm plays an important role for both scrum and life.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This will be enacted through a game using Zenga blocks / Lego blocks.

The rhythm of nature , rhythm of scrum can be understood with the game apart from strategic thinking , team work in the game

Learning Outcome

Important takeaways for Agile projects and also for life.

This will be deep thinking session about scrum , the primary factors of success.

Attendees will understand the core of scrum and all essential factors to make the projects successful.

Target Audience

All attendees in the conference :-)

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