Back to square one - The culture effect on Agile Transformation

Back in 2014, one of the service's business unit of World's biggest networking company with 1000+ employees wanted to embrace Agile methodology. The company hired Agile consultant and went all in to the transformation starting with 3 day Agile onboarding session. There were 55 scrum teams both in US and India who were disrupted by Agile and were sailing against the wind.

In 2016, after many re-orgs, one of the biggest program in the service's business unit went Agile with a beautiful kick off session and introduced 'Centre Of Excellence' to give more meaning for the transformation effort.

Come and join me for story telling on interesting case studies of Agile transformation. If transformation was successful what made it success, if not what were the reasons for the failure. What's the role of culture in enabling transformation ?

Finally, let's together explore how to build a culture that supports transformation. The practical use case of Winning team's framework (Research WIP) that is methodology agnostic in creating winning teams would be discussed. .


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

1. Agile transformation case study 1 - 5-7 mins

2. Agile Transformation case study 2 - 5 mins

3. What made the Transformation successful/Unsuccessful - 7 mins

4. What's the role of culture in enabling transformation - 3 mins

5. Tips to build culture that supports transformation - 5 mins

6. Explore winning team's framework at team level - 5 mins

7. Questions and Answers - 5 -7 mins

Learning Outcome

1. How to run successful Agile Transformation program (base on Case Studies)

2. Explore Schneider culture model and its application to Implementing Agile

3. Learn different signs of resistance that would help manage transformation

4. Explore culture and its impact on transformation

5. Finally, take a deep dive in to V-Work, research based Winning Team Framework that fosters cultural change at team level

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Coaches, Team Managers, Executives, Team members

Prerequisites for Attendees


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