Product as your own Baby!! – A Live Coaching

Like how a mother takes pride and ownership to nurture her child with utmost care and affection in the view of growing her baby as a responsible & a valuable citizen and like how the Artists/sculptors/weavers consider their product with utmost care to develop a product that lives through time and be of some good value to society, why our software engineers do not seem to have considering their product as their own baby? Why is that pride and ownership culture largely missing? How can we transform this situation and nurture a culture in the minds of software engineers and enable them to create the software with craftsmanship that we can be proud of?

This talk/presentation will address the above questions with live brainstorming sessions with the participants in deriving some reasons and some solutions to this situation, apart from the answers to these questions from my point of view based on my proposal.

Please refer below for the link to my short trailer video on this.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

• Intro & Context Setting – 5 mins
• Live brainstorming and data collection on “WHY”? (White boarding) - 5 mins
• Live brainstorming and data collection on “HOW?” (White boarding) – 5 mins
• Live correlation of WHY and HOW based on the data collected (White boarding) – 5 mins
• My Proposal on WHY (Presentation) – 5 mins
• My proposal on HOW (Presentation) – 15 mins
• Conclusion & feedback – 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  • Understand why we are not considering product as our own babies
  • How to nurture the culture of owning the product as their own babies in the minds of engineers

Target Audience

Engineers, Architects, Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Executive Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants with prior knowledge/experience on these topics would benefit the most:
1. Basics of agile and lean approaches
2. Product development flow
3. Scrum basics

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