Product Value Stream beyond SDLC

The Value Stream Mapping from the time of its origin have been really used by the manufacturing industry to identify and optimize the end-to-end product development flow from customer value identification to customer value fulfillment and not just the production value stream. However, we as software professionals seem to have been considering only the smaller portion of SDLC and ignoring a lot of stuff to be value stream mapped and optimized pre and post SDLC.

My Talk/Presentation is going to analyze in detail the various key elements/processes to be considered, mapped and optimized pre and post the actual SDLC which we always tend to enjoy focusing and trying to keep optimizing. We will then be able to appreciate the real aspects of FLOW in software product development after understanding the whole value stream.

Please refer below for the link to my short trailer video on this.

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Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Intro & Context Setting – 5 mins
  • Why are we value streaming only SDLC? – 5 mins
  • What are the key processes pre-SDLC to be value steam mapped? – 10 mins
  • What are the key processes post-SDLC to be value steam mapped? – 10 mins
  • How to see and optimize the real whole value stream and appreciate FLOW? – 10 mins
  • Conclusion & feedback – 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  • Self-declaration that product value stream is not just SDLC
  • The pre-SDLC Value Stream
  • The post-SDLC Value stream
  • How to see and prepare for end-to-end software product value stream and visualize the actual FLOW

Target Audience

Engineers, Architects, Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Executive Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants with prior knowledge/experience on these topics would benefit the most:
1. Basics of agile and lean approaches
2. Product development flow
3. Value Stream Mapping

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