This session will start with the Continual Learning mindset which is crucial for the success of DevOps implementation. Capturing the right data and drawing inferences from them is the key to continual improvement.

We will do a deep dive on the measures and metrics that need to be captured for a DevOps transformation journey. Metrics at application, infrastructure, client software and deployment pipeline levels will be focused here.

The 4 crucial Outcome metrics for a DevOps transformation are – Lead time, Release frequency, time to restore service and change fail rate. These would be deep dived into in this discussion.

We will also discuss in detail around 20+ measures that any DevOps implementation must capture and close to 7 Metrics that can be calculated from these measures. These data points when captured correctly will ensure a continual improvement in the team’s DevOps journey.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

5 mins: Introduction (Speaker and Topic)

5 mins: Continual Learning aspect in DevOps Framework

10 mins: Different types of Metrics in a DevOps setup

10 mins: Measures and metrics with examples

5 mins: Tools to capture key telemetry data

5 mins: Analysis and Retrospection using Telemetry data

5 mins: Conclusion and any Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants attending this talk will be able to appreciate the importance of setting up right metrics when starting a DevOps journey. They would be able to comprehend how and what kind of useful data can be captured at each stage. They would be able to use these data points to understand how they are improving in their DevOps journey and providing business value to the customer.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Release Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Hands on Agile implementation.

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