Starting from the Mainframe Era into the recent Cloud Era it has been a journey in terms of lifecycle followed in these eras right from Waterfall to Iterative to Agile and now DevOps.

This session will give a walkthrough to the audience on how they can commence on DevOps journey in whatever stage their current projects/programs might be at. It will be useful for program managers or account managers who are running Agile projects and now want to go one step ahead in delivering more value to business by adopting DevOps.

An important aspect of starting a DevOps transformation journey is the “Mindset Change”. Here we deep dive into why DevOps cannot be successful without the correct mindset of the team and how a leader can influence the mindset change.

We will introduce the concept of “Goal for the DevOps Journey” and the importance of creating a “Value Stream Map”.

Initiation activities related to the environment, version control and deployment pipeline would be covered. Tool recommendations for the various stages of the Pipeline as well as telemetry setup for application, infrastructure and security would be touched upon.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

5 mins: Introduction (Speaker and Topic)

5 mins: Overall DevOps Processes at a Glance

10 mins: DevOps Journey goal identification

8 mins: Business flow versus IT flow in a Value Stream Map

5 mins: Tools and Telemetry recommendations

7 mins: Mindset change aspect before embarking on DevOps journey

5 mins: Conclusion and any Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants attending this talk will be able to identify the top points which should be targeted first when starting a DevOps journey. They would be able to comprehend the 5 underlying principles behind DevOps and how to leverage the same at the beginning of a DevOps transformation journey.

A DevOps Initiation checklist would be given as a key takeaway to all the participants.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Release Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Hands on Agile implementation.

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