Experiments in Design thinking: Transforming interaction of product and engineering teams

Product teams are driven by customer needs ,pain points and mostly "Why" which helps them define problem they are trying to solve by there offering. This helps them to derive user stories and features which engineering teams will work on and give life to product's team vision

In this entire arrangement there are three primary actors , the "User" of product or solution , product team and engineering team

Product team's mindset and primary field of play is customer space and technology team's primary play field is technology

No matters how well PO define stories and acceptance gap , due to subtle differences in these two thinking fields , differences remain.

In this presentation, I am going to present real case studies of two teams at two different companies I coached at , where by application of design thinking and facilitating interaction , teams were able to achieve wonderful results , improve user experience , improve promoter score and observe directly the interaction between these varied fields

To do this , support from stakeholders , senior management and users were vital and this is a story of everyone coming together and delivering rock solid "User Experience" as desired , there by increasing product/solution acceptability

It also increases technology teams to feel more closer to user and vision and shift there perspective to "Why" from "What" and "How"


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

1 Introduction

1.1 Setting Context

1.2 Brief intro to Design Thinking Process

2 Body

2.1 Real case study 1

2.2 Real case study 2

2.3 Lessons learned

3 Conclusion

3.1 Summary

3.2 Q&A - Interactions

Learning Outcome

Practical use of Design thinking approaches

Agile Team's capability and motivation enhancement by getting directly involved with product team and user space

Product and customer focus resulting in better prioritization and lean thinking

Target Audience

Agile Teams , Senior leaders , Product Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing in specific. Basic appreciation of Agile mindset will be useful

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