Demystifying Innovation and Planning sprint

Innovation can come from anywhere and everywhere. Finding new ways to solve existing and undefined problems provide opportunities for innovation. Product ownership validates the hypothesis to ensure that it adds value to the market.

In this talk i would like to discuss more on the following areas

  • Innovation and Planning (IP) sprint provides a specific time for teams to plan and innovate.
  • Different variations of Innovation and Planning (IP) sprint.

Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This presentation will cover 3 parts

  • Setting the stage and Dissonance
  • Recap on innovation
  • Solutions towards dissonance.

Learning Outcome

  • How can team innovate in a regular cadence.
  • How can leadership support is helping team to innovate lot of things within fast pace of agile delivery.

Target Audience

Anybody we wanted to see the opportunity of innovation in an Agile way of development.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge on Agile is sufficient.

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