DevOps is often seen as a Tool set change rather than understanding it as a Mindset change.

This session will focus purely on the non-technical aspects of DevOps, the people, the mindset to have and the three ways of DevOps:

a) Systems Thinking

b) Feedback Loops

c) Continuous Experimentation


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

- What is DevOps (short Intro)

- Why DevOps now?

- What is the DevOps - Mindset over Tool set

- 3 Ways of DevOps

- Systems Thinking

- Feedback Mechanism

- Continual Experimentation

Learning Outcome

- Clear understanding of what is DevOps

- Why we should we look at DevOps as a mindset change

- Understanding 3 ways of DevOps

Target Audience

All roles and employees in Business, IT Development and IT Operations who want to apply Lean, Agile and ITSM principles to improve the performance of their IT Services

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • An understanding of DevOps or know how will surely be a valuable add.
  • Any one with understanding of Agile is also suitable
  • Team Members planning for DevOps implementation
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