DevSecOps: Your key to breaking silos beyond Agile

Organizations have come a long way breaking the stereotypes of linear delivery to incremental delivery, thus improving speed to market. Shifting things to the left in the delivery cycle has added value such as

  • Customers/end users are better heard and aligned
  • Teams work more cohesively, and
  • Response to change is more rapid.

So far, Agile has been preferred delivery model due to it's continued focus on business priorities..

Point of contemplation is what price are we paying to accomplish this? Are we ensuring that our Operations are able to keep pace? Are we achieving this at the cost of security vulnerabilities? Food for thought - security has taken a center stage and is no longer an afterthought! And the entire delivery and operations pipeline remains streamlined with customer first focus.

Join us as we showcase the journey as it's happening in IT world of one of the Big Four professional Services Organization - who moved from Agile to DevSecOps, which required a change in mindset, a shift in culture that emphasizes - Security is everybody’s duty

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Outline/Structure of the Presentation

The session will be interactive and will comprise of following outline:

5 min: The topic and the speaker(s)

5 min: The context – Agile and DevOps : Differentiations and creating synergy

5 min: Activity

15 min: Implementing DevSecOps

5 min: Activity

5 min: What went well, what did not, metrics that matter!

5 min: Key takeaways and Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants attending this talk will be able to comprehend the journey of scrum team from Agile to DevSecOps in a Big4 setup. They would also be able to connect with the real life challenges faced in this transformation, the approach that eventually led to effective implementation and the focus on measuring success through metrics.

Target Audience

Agile and Operations practitioners, team members, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Agile methodologies

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