Incubation Hubs - An engine to Reskill, Upskill & Engage (high performing teams)

This presentation outlines the strategy implemented by Deloitte Global Technology Services team to build high performing teams to deliver in niche skills to Deloitte Member firms across the world . This session would provide insights into

1. Deloitte global organization resource model

2. Our technology landscape and need to work with niche technologies

3. The idea!!! - Incubation hubs

4. Framework

5. Outcome and Success


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

5 mins : About the speakers

10 mins : About Deloitte global - Our unique problem

10 mins: Idea of incubation hubs & Framework

10 mins : Our Journey and Success Stories

10 mins : Q&A

Learning Outcome

One of the key challenges of the IT industry has been to engage their teams and re skill the teams to deliver in the ever changing technologies. This has become the common problem to most of the organizations. This case study of ours will enable the other colleagues in the industry to explore and think out of box to come up with various solutions to tackle the delivery challenges taking into consideration the employee aspirations without additional cost.

Target Audience

Managers and leaders targeting to build high performing teams in the context of every changing technology landscape

Prerequisites for Attendees

Technology Delivery Management

Understanding of ever changing dynamics in the Technology landscape

Having a understanding of delivery software technology projects in global scenarios

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