Unsaid expectations from Leaders to be Gurus…


Conventionally, leadership and management lessons have always been taught and observed through the prism of Western philosophy. However, ancient Indian scriptures, literature, stories, narrations, contain wealth of leadership lessons.

For instance, how many of us know that leaders or gurus can be categorized into 21 types! Bhagavata describes various forms of leadership that are based on natural beings like Sun, Moon, Animals, and so on.

Human beings have always been learning from nature in all aspects of life. For instance, sandalwood brings in freshness through its fragrance. In a similar manner, mere presence of a good leader should energize the team. Such leaders are called, “Chandan Gurus”.

In fact, if you read through the ancient Indian scriptures, you will find that characters like Krishna, Yudhistira, Parashurama and many others come across as great Gurus/Leaders. Their qualities and characteristics have been metaphorically explained with references to nature like animals, birds, Sun, Moon, etc.

In this session, I will share the various types of leaders/gurus, their qualities which are observed in nature, and how they are applicable in the modern corporate world.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation


Session time: 30 min

Session audience: Project managers/leaders, People manager/leaders, Architects.

Content of the session:

  • Introduction – 5 mins
  • Leadership Qualities, and Types of Leaders with examples from nature and application in the modern Corporate roles – 15 mins
  • Q&A/Conclusion - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge about different attitudinal and behavioural patterns of leaders, how to be a leader with the characteristics of a guru, and so on.

Target Audience

Team members/Project managers/leaders, People manager/leaders, Architects.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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