Nowadays Agile is on the wishlist for every Organization. They want to be Agile for Faster Time to Market, to Achieve Competitive Advantage over their competitors. Organizations adapt to various tools and processes to achieve Agility. And they claim achieving Agility at initial adoption.

This talk is about my journey as an Agile Coach and how i am using my learnings to transform my Organization. I am heading Agile Transformation office at BookMyShow, leading online ticketing platform in India. I will share my experiences on how I approached this journey, achievements and failures.

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Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Introduction
  • Why my organization want to be Agile?
  • Define Transformation Milestones
  • Building an Agile Transformation Office
  • Building a Cross functional team - inspired by Spotify
  • Agile software development lifecycle - Delivery to Execution
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Scaling and challenges
  • Failures and learnings
  • Conclusion.

Learning Outcome

  • Journey starts from Top to Bottom - Identify why your Organization want to be Agile? It should not be because its a market trend or customer asked to be Agile. As an Agile coach you need to help Organization identify these reasons. If senior leadership is align and inspired then they will be key Change Agents of this Journey.
  • Sometimes transformation is mere adaptation of tools and processes. Organizations run in circles with metrics like utilization and KRAs damaging the core "Agile Mindset". This is where Agile coach need to work with middle layer leadership to help them see beyond utilization. Middle layer leadership will be your key drivers to achieve Value driven deliveries and sustainable improvements.
  • Agile Transformation Office is not just Project Management Office (PMO). You cant bring transformation by just processes and metrics. Extensible code base and automation framework are key stepping stone. This is where bottom up education required in Organization. Bottom up approach can not be just Scrum and Agile Training. It involves building technical competencies, cross functional team, strong engineering practices and logical open minded people pool.
  • Agile is not just for software and IT. It needs to scale to other departments in Organization.
  • Agile Transformation is a Journey, not a destination. Every journey has milestones. Identify milestones for your Organization. Celebrate success at each milestone and adjust as per failures = learnings.

Target Audience

agile enthusiasts on a transformation journey

Prerequisites for Attendees

familiar with Agile Principals

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