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    Unleashing the Power of Automated Refactoring with JDT

    Naresh Jain
    Naresh Jain
    schedule 9 months ago
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    45 mins

    Refactoring is a series of small steps, each of which changes the program’s internal structure without changing its external behaviour. Refactoring, as a tool, to automate behaviour-preserving transformations to source code are not only very popular in agile development environments, but have been widely established as a cornerstone of the daily software development process, regardless of the methodology being used. Most major development environments such as Eclipse offer a set of powerful refactoring to substantially increase development productivity. 

    In this live demo, I’ll show 

    • the real value of refactoring,
    • how we practice it safely,
    • when and why we refactor,
    • the power of refactoring tools and
    • when we avoid refactoring.

    I’ll be using two real-world examples of refactoring and sharing what I’ve learned about this important practice of the last 15 years.

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