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    Playing with models on the new EMFStore

    Prabhat K
    Prabhat K
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    We love EMF and the possibilities it provides. It is the lifeline of eclipse modelling tools. The number of tools built on EMF technology is staggering and keeps growing day by day. Some of the data models in these industrial tools turn out to be extremely huge and complicated.

    More so, these models are worked upon in a collaborative fashion requiring frequent exchanges, Git repositories, SVN etc. There is a problem here though, these repositories were not meant for models but for sources and textual files. They do not understand the underlying EMF models that we store in them and their data structures. The end result, EMF users are left with plain textual comparisons of the models they built over a period of time. This results in painstaking effort and errors.

    With the new EMFStore, developers can store, distribute and collaborate on EMF based entities. They can be shared with a server or a model repository and distributed client applications. Clients can modify the model and synch with the server. Clients can work offline too. Conflicts in concurrent changes between clients can be resolved. The server always keeps a history of the entities which can be queried to check the changes between versions.  

    In short, EMF Store provides a powerful collaborative and versioning system for EMF models. All it needs is the Ecore of your EMF model to achieve this. It also provides cool UIs with EMF Forms making playing with complex models a lot less complicated!

    In the demo, we will see how to utilize EMFStore for an EMF model and try to synch changes and compare it with its previous versions.

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