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    Eclipse IOT helps in Automotive Preventive Diagnostics

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    Having the ability to predict component failure in vehicle and provide timely service to car owners is a big advantage in automotive industry in terms of customer satisfaction. Preventive Diagnostics with real-time data analysis also used in component development, optimization, testing and reducing the time to market.

    We have developed a preventive diagnostics Demonstrator using Eclipse IOT projects (KURA, MQTT,COAP). Here we read the CAN data flowing out of ECU and use this as an input to compute various Diagnostic algorithms on a device as well as on cloud servers to predict failures.

    The component behavior is modeled with data generated from the vehicle at millisecond rates. It becomes important for the data to acquire the data accurately and then provide it to data models in real-time for effective modeling and analysis. The huge amount to data combined with unstable data link for the vehicles makes it a challenging task for the engineers to come up with effective and practical diagnostic algorithms.

    As part of this session we would like to demonstrate our prototype and explain on how we have used open source projects to stream data at high rates and develop such cost effective solution.

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