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    JDK-9 - Modules and Java Linker (JLink)

    G Bhanu Prakash
    G Bhanu Prakash
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    Java 9 is going to provide several developer tools which complement the modular system and enhance developer productivity.

    I plan to give overview of new Java Linker tool that would assist in creating a modular Java runtime. "jlink" assembles and optimizes a set of modules and their dependencies and "jmod" for creating modular packages with class files and resources. "jimage" which is 5x more performant than zip or jar formats.

    I plan to give interactive session in how to create a modular JDK image with specified root modules using jlink. Describe the plugin api for extension using custom modules.

    I shall give insights on tools usage and internals which would help developers in decision making along with benchmark results.

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