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    Eclipse Xtend - a better Java with less "noise"

    Neeraj Bhusare
    Neeraj Bhusare
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    Xtend is a fully-featured Java like language that is tightly integrated with Java. It has a more concise, readable and expressive syntax than Java, and provides additional features such as Type inference, Extension methods and Lambda expressions. It comes with state of the art IDE support for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. It also provides interface for integration of text editors for your language in Web applications.

    Xtend itself is implemented in Xtext and it is a proof of concept of how involved a language implemented in Xtext can be.

    The objective is to introduce the audience to Xtend language and how it can be used to write cleaner code against any Java APIs and solve day-to-day challenges in much better ways.

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