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    The Road to NullPointerException-free Software - with Eclipse JDT

    Stephan Herrmann
    Stephan Herrmann
    schedule 10 months ago
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    240 mins

    NullPointerException (NPE) is a dominating, omnipresent risk in each and every Java application, and at it's root it is an embarrassingly trivial problem.

    Over the years, Eclipse JDT has developed several levels of tool support for statically detecting NPEs at compile time. This tutorial will introduce flow analysis, annotation-based contracts and a null-aware type system as the main tools against NPE.

    Additional focus lies on organizational issues facilitating the migration from the risky Java era into an NPE-free software world.

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    Faster index for Java, from crazy idea to reality

    Sergey Prigogin
    Sergey Prigogin
    schedule 11 months ago
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    45 mins

    Did you ever have to cancel Open Type dialog because you didn't have time to wait for the search indices to initialize? Does slowness of populating the Call Hierarchy view annoy you? We suspect that for the majority of Eclipse Java users the answer to these questions is yes.

    The proposed solution to these and many other JDT sluggishness problems is a new index containing an order of magnitude more information about Java code than the old JDT indexes and caches. The technology chosen for the new, faster JDT index is heavily influenced by the CDT index that has been in use for almost a decade and proved to be very efficient and flexible. CDT borrowed a lot of code and ideas from JDT. Now it's time to pay back.

    Come to this talk to learn about the design of the new index and to see how it makes JDT blazingly fast.

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