Every company has multiple Center Of Excellence for various practices but the good work they do is mostly unknown to the rest of developer community of the company. Similar is the story in our company, Mindtree. Being part of the CoE, we were worried about how to share the work we are doing with rest of the company's developer community. Ideal expectation was that developer community should be able to see the work done by CoE and utilize the knowledge. One other thing we wanted that for this purpose developer don't need to go out of the IDE they are using. At any given day, Eclipse is the most used IDE for Java developers and hence it was very clear that we need to come up with some plugin for Eclipse which helps in sharing the knowledge gained by the CoE to its developer community. We did the ideation on how a developer should be able to achieve such feature within their IDE and implemented the same. Now not only the enthusiastic developers for learning cutting edge tech implementation, but also the new joinees use this plugin to learn from various best practices and reference implementations available on this platform, which we call as Mrald. Not only CoE, but also developer community can also contribute to Mrald knowledge base. Using the Eclipse plugin framework, we created the bridge between developers and CoEs to mutually share their knowledge and work. Power of Eclipse RCP is being used to spread the knowledge across the company and that's an idea worth spreading over.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The talk would be structured as follows.

  1. Who we are, What we do
  2. What problem we faced
  3. What we thought as an ideal solution
  4. How we used Eclipse RCP to solve the problem
  5. Demo of the plugin
  6. How does it help us

Learning Outcome

  • Unlocking the possibility using Eclipse RCP - From #2-#4 of outline
  • Powerful yet simple implementation - From #5 of outline

Target Audience

Developers, Leads and Architects

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