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Eclipse IOT provides an umbrella of projects addressing various needs on the domain. An overview of Eclipse Kura introducing this light weight OSGi container and its capabilities will help find the attendees a familiar footing in IOT domain. Apache Camel can be leveraged to provide an abstraction and easy to follow widely used Enterprise Integration Patterns. Used in conjunction with Eclipse Paho will allow developers to easily route the messages over MQTT. An integration with Apache ActiveMQ instance will just complete this IOT curry. This will take the attendees through a range of IOT project yet keep up in the flow.

A demonstration will made with Intel Edison IOT kit showing all these in action.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Overview of Eclipse IOT projects

Eclipse Kura, Apache Camel, Eclipse Paho and Apache ActiveMq - overview and their integration with each other

A live demo with Intel Edison IOT kit demonstrating these technologies. The live demo will cover

  1. Deploying Eclipse Kura over Intel Edison (with Groove Environment Sensor Kit)
  2. How to start and debug the framework. Where to find the logs
  3. Deploying Apache Camel over Eclipse Kura
  4. What problems will you face and what Apache documentation won't cover (mismatching dependencies). And how to troubleshoot them
  5. Making use of Eclipse Paho MQTT client over Apache Camel. Catching the 'devil in the details'. What problems may arise and how to troubleshoot
  6. Proving everything works with Apache ActiveMQ and Sensors (Simple LED, Light detecting sensor and few others)
  7. Bonus: How to make this Eclipse stack interact with Arduino Sketches (Why? Some sensors like NFC don't have Java libraries)

Learning Outcome

A familiarity with Eclipse IOT projects

How to troubleshoot as one goes on integrating them


Target Audience

IOT enthusiasts and developers

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  • Pradeep Balachandran
    By Pradeep Balachandran  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Ankur, thanks for the submission! Benjamin Cabe has submitted a talk on a similar topic - "Building an open Internet of Things: an overview of Eclipse IoT". Can you please review his content and fine tune yours to ensure there is no overlap?

    • Naresh Jain
      By Naresh Jain  ~  3 years ago
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      Hi Ankur,

      A 45 mins demo to give an overview on IoT tool chain can be quite useful. Would you be using a real-world example to do your demo? If yes, can you please update your proposal with the details.

      Also we would greatly appreciate, if you can update your proposal and add a link to any of your past presentation video. This will really help the program committee to understand your presentation style and schedule your session accordingly.

      • Ankur Sharma
        By Ankur Sharma  ~  3 years ago
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        Thanks Naresh. I have updated the detailed structure proposal. As per your suggestion, I can focus most time on the Live Demo. I intend to use a webcam to project it on the bigger screen. I don't have any past presentation video as yet. 



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      Eclipse IDE is ubiquitous and the IDE of choice for application development no matter whether you are developing in Java/JEE or Python or Ruby or PHP - Eclipse IDE has a flavour that suits your taste. In recent times, the landscape of applications have undergone a significant change. More and more applications are developed by composing services and are deployed on specialized "Cloud" environments known as "Platform as a Service" - PaaS for short. 

      In this talk, we take a look at the various tools available in Eclipse Open Source ecosystem for developing applications for the cloud environment. We will traverse the journey of an app from conception to deployment. We will cover an online store application as an example. This talk will cover the tools that are best suited for each phase of the application development life-cycle - planning, work break down, coding, building and deployment. The tools include Eclipse Orion, Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry, Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, GitHub. We will also look at enabling continuous deployment using this tool set - practicing DevOps in true sense.

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      The Eclipse IDE provides a lot of powerful features and capabilities. With so much functionality at your disposal, many users don't use the full potential of the IDE. To be most productive, mastering your IDE is as important as mastering your source code.

      In this talk, I will unleash many invaluable tips and tricks that will allow you to better use the Eclipse IDE and make you more productive in your routine development tasks.

      Once you know how to leverage these powerful features of Eclipse to the fullest, you are going to enjoy working with Eclipse more than you could ever expect.

      I will cover various areas from efficiently organizing your workspace content to navigating, coding and debugging in Eclipse, and provide you a glimpse of some cool new Eclipse features.

      With Java 8 out the door, it is an exciting time to be a Java developer. The new constructs in Java 8 look nice but may not be so intuitive for developers. This is where Eclipse helps you to become more productive while writing and understanding programs with Java 8 constructs. I will show you how to make your experience with Java 8 more convenient and pleasant by using some new tooling features provided by Eclipse as part of its Java 8 support.

      I will also highlight useful tools like the AST and Java Element views, plug-in spies etc. that make working with Eclipse more effective.

      During this talk, you will have many "Ah, I didn't know Eclipse can do that!" moments. Some of the examples include:

      • Determining who last modified a line of code and when
      • Popping up an in-place outline of the element at cursor position
      • Bookmarks
      • Split editors
      • Grouping and sharing breakpoints
      • Print-points
      • Smartly stepping into a single method within a series of chained or nested method calls while using Java debugger
      • Identifying and navigating to the functional method from lambda expressions and method references

      Come and learn about the best Eclipse IDE capabilities that you might not be knowing yet. There will be something new for everybody.

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      Rahul Chandrashekar / Niranjan - Drone gets its wings by using Eclipse IoT Frameworks

      45 Mins

      The increasing growth of industries and vehicles traffic have affected environment 2.4 million people died every year by the information of world health organization . Clean air is vital need for every human being. Polluted air causes many health problems and several damages. Therefore to make any step ahead of controlling the pollution rate it is necessary to monitor the air quality which may help us to make a right decision at right time.

      The Air Pollution Monitoring Drone clustered with wireless sensor network provides real time pollution data for gases like CO2, NO2. A light weight middleware and web interface in order to view the one pollution data in the form of charts and number, along with the pollution data, the air pollution monitoring drone also provides live stream of other parameters like temperature and humidity are also sensed along with the gas concentrations which enable the data analysis through the data fusion techniques this system provide accurate pollutant data – thus helping the policy makers in taking appropriate precautions when it is needed.


      What is the relevance of this topic in EclipseSummit'16?

      The Air Pollution drone would have not been possible without eclipse IoT frameworks and During the session such a system will be presented with full technology stack on eclipse IoT topics like Kura powered by MQTT.


      A live drone will also be flown during the presentation maintaining a safe distance from the audience.


      • Rahul Chandrashekar (Bosch)
      • Niranjan Babu (Bosch)
      • Srinivas Channakeshava(Bosch)
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      Join us to learn about the key challenges of IoT, and which open-source projects will help you connect and manage your future IoT devices!


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