Migration to E4 workshop. The truth about migrating to Eclipse 4

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You probably have an Eclipse 3.X application and you have a lot of questions about your migration…to Eclipse 4.

This workshop has been made for you. After a few reminders about Eclipse 4 concepts, it will explain how to perform a migration.

Actually Eclipse 4 runtime is now used for more over 4 years, and it provides really efficient concepts like : injection, application model based on EMF, IEventBroker to manage events, CSS styler and the E4 spies. The compatibility layer can convert E3 legacy code to this runtime, on the fly, but it constraints the developers to be sticked with the old legacy concepts and to ignore the new ones. 

For this specific workshop, we will start with a pure 3.X application and obtain a pure 4.X application. 

We will also explain the confusion about the current status and future of the Eclipse Platform in its various guises. Is Eclipse 3.x dead? Should new development always use Eclipse 4? Should companies rewrite existing Eclipse 3.x applications on Eclipse 4? Is it possible to migrate my application? What are the prerequisites? And if not, then why did we bother with Eclipse 4?

If your choice is to migrate all or pieces or your application, it will answer to some questions : How should I proceed? Which components can be migrated? is there some tooling that could help me? Should I keep the compatibility layer or can I remove it definitively? Should I migrate my plugin totally or can I do it step by step? Could I develop new Eclipse 4 plugins and mix them with my old legacy code? What are the limits ? Where can I find ressources to help me?



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In a nutshell, this workshop will contain 5 main parts :

  • The problem of migration
  • E4 concept reminders
  • Presentation of a simple application to migrate
  • Step by step migration
  • Migration strategies and limits

Learning Outcome

The goal of this workshop is to give you the keys to choose to migrate or not and to summarize different real migration cases.

It will give you a clear overview of what is possible … or not.

Target Audience

Eclipse RCP developers, having RCP 3.X knowledge will be important.

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  • Pradeep Balachandran
    By Pradeep Balachandran  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Prouvost, thanks for the proposal. It is great to have a workshop on e4. Could you please include a few points in the abstract on why someone should consider migrating to e4?

    • Olivier Prouvost
      By Olivier Prouvost  ~  3 years ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Pradeep, 

      I added some explanation ! :) 


      Thank you for your remark.