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    Cloud development using Eclipse

    Pradeep Balachandran
    Pradeep Balachandran
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    20 mins

    Eclipse IDE is ubiquitous and the IDE of choice for application development no matter whether you are developing in Java/JEE or Python or Ruby or PHP - Eclipse IDE has a flavour that suits your taste. In recent times, the landscape of applications have undergone a significant change. More and more applications are developed by composing services and are deployed on specialized "Cloud" environments known as "Platform as a Service" - PaaS for short. 

    In this talk, we take a look at the various tools available in Eclipse Open Source ecosystem for developing applications for the cloud environment. We will traverse the journey of an app from conception to deployment. We will cover an online store application as an example. This talk will cover the tools that are best suited for each phase of the application development life-cycle - planning, work break down, coding, building and deployment. The tools include Eclipse Orion, Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry, Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, GitHub. We will also look at enabling continuous deployment using this tool set - practicing DevOps in true sense.

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