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    Eclipse eye - the eclipse build monitoring app on cloud

    Sasikanth Bharadwaj
    Sasikanth Bharadwaj
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    Eclipse committers have to watch the releng mailing list for build related emails, check every build for any test failures in their component, and analyse/report the failures if any so that further action can be taken. All this monitoring is really a monotonous task fit for an app - and that was how this app was born. The application periodically fetches available test results from hudson, and notifies registered users via email/push notifications. Users can register for email notifications by signing in with their google account and for push notifications via the android app. This is a good demonstration of how eclipse with its extensible framework and related tooling make it really straight forward to build, test and deploy applications to a cloud. This talk outlines the various tools used for the development of this application and gives a first hand account of using eclipse and related tools for cloud application development using a live application

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