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    Towards a More Secure JDK

    Gurpreet Sachdeva
    Gurpreet Sachdeva
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    90 mins

    The last few years have seen new computing trends like increased use of mobile devices, big data and a world connected with internet. This has made Java applications vulnerable to threats and attacks. With time, holes get exposed in cryptographic algorithms and security protocols. They then need to be replaced with stronger alternatives. This session will show how safety mechanisms have been built into JDK to automatically protect applications from weak algorithms and protocols such as MD2, MD5, RC4, weak RSA/DSA keys and SSLv3. A wide variety of security controls have been made available which range from automatic defenses to user friendly APIs. Several new security controls have been introduced in Java 8 and Java 9 platforms like SHA-3 hash algorithms, OCSP stapling for TLS and DRBG SecureRandom implementation. This session will benefit Java developers by introducing them of the many defenses present and available in the Java ecosystem.