Thread dumps are vital diagnostic information for identifying root causes of critical problems. In this session, you will learn different formats of thread dumps + tips & tricks to analyze them effectively. You will be introduced to real-world problems that are experienced by several major enterprises and how these tricks helped them to identify the root cause of the problem.




Outline/structure of the Session

I am a good entertaining & engaging speaker. Attendees smile, laugh & clap hands frequently in my sessions. I regularly speak at Java One and other conferences. Here are some of my talks:

 https://blog.fastthread.io/2016/09/22/2016-java- one-talk- few-memorable- moments/

 https://blog.tier1app.com/2013/10/07/7-secrets- of-wells- fargo-soa- platforms-high-availability/

 https://oracle.rainfocus.com/scripts/catalog/oow16.jsp?event=javaone&search=%22Ram%20Lakshmanan%22

 https://blog.gceasy.io/2016/01/02/spoke-vmoksha- technologies/

 My Blogs: https://blog.gceasy.io/, https://blog.fastthread.io/

 My DZone Profile: https://dzone.com/users/2756952/vmoksha.html

Learning Outcome


1. Software design patterns (Singleton, Factory, Visitor...) helps us to build effective software.Similar to that I have developed 12 thread dump analysis patterns (https://blog.fastthread.io/category/thread-dump- patterns/) - which helps one to effectively analyze thread dumps. These patterns have helped several engineers to troubleshoot and identify root cause of the complex production problems.

2. It always easy to learn with examples. These patterns will be taught to the attendees through the real world problems that are experienced by major enterprises and startups. Attendees will be shown the real world thread dumps and how these patterns help to identify the root cause

Target Audience

DeVops, Developers


It would be great to have flight and/or accommodation reimbursement, but I will come on my own if needed.

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    Dear Ramalakshmanan, please combine this topic with your other talk titled "Become a Garbage Collection hero".