Blockchain with Drones & 3D Printing - Trailblazing

The world is pivoting at insane speed. Start-up are  developing a blockchain-hosted registry and a protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT), unveiling a prototype drone delivery system using Ethereum.This basically means the shared state of the blockchain can handle the functionality of a general purpose computer, as opposed to the simple movement of coin transactions on Bitcoin.It also means  blockchain technology in interaction with a dynamic physical object and access control in real-time.These drones will need to be easily recognisable and securely verifiable to the infrastructure and machines with which they interact, and the systems and apps that arise to support IOT  will need to be completely interoperable with secure identities in order to support the interaction of numerous organisations, products, operating systems, and individuals. Similarly , 3D Printing and Blockchain networks are disruptive technologies…combining the two will undoubtedly revolutionize the future of manufacturing. We see the greatest threats to 3D-PRINTING  as cyber-physical hacking and counterfeiting. The deployment of a Blockchain can combat both. It’s very exciting technology. While the potential of this technology and its synergy with the 3D printing industry is fairly evident.

The presentation I propose is a deep-dive of blockchain technology and its interactions with 3D Printing and Drones.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Blockchain Technology/Distributed Ledger Technology - Introduction.
  • Blockchain Technology - Interaction with  [AI,IOT, 3D-Printing,Drones,AR,VR,CyberSecurity]
  • Real Life Application of Blockchain with Drones and 3D-Printing.
  • Start-up Ecosystem  - BLOCKCHAIN with 3D Printing and Drones.
  • Challenges & Implications
  • What lies ahead in BLOCKCHAIN Space?

Learning Outcome

  • Blockchain Technology landscape & Beyond .
  • The transformative potential of  blockchain in  convergence with other technologies
  • Recent developments in the space and start-up outlook.
  • Use-cases of adoption of blockchain and it's potential interlock with other cutting-edge technologies.

Target Audience

Solution Architects/ Sr. Developers/ Managers/Leaders

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