Build RESTful application with simplified approach to Expose and Test

schedule Jul 29th 03:45 PM - 04:05 PM place Brahmaputra people 16 Attending

Creating REST services has been a need in most of the organization with clients being a Web or Mobile app consuming the same set of services. In this session, learn how to create RESTful services using Eclipse, that caters to different clients. Exposing the services is as important as building them. Understand how to make your service discoverable in an efficient manner across cross functional teams, users along with an ability to test it in much simplified manner using Swagger APIs.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Breaking into sections

- Introduction to REST

- JAX-RS overview

- Understand concepts for building RESTful application using Jersey/Apache Wink

- Expose and Test APIs using SWAGGER

Learning Outcome

Folks will learn

- How to build REST services

- How to expose services in simplest manner

- Testing REST service in an efficient way

Target Audience

One would want to build REST services, expose thier services, test the REST services in an efficient manner

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  • Manoj NP
    By Manoj NP  ~  8 months ago
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    First of all, thanks for the confirmation. As you maybe aware, we have reduced the program to a single day program due to reasons beyond our control. However, we would like to include atleast a part of some of the good talks which were initially planned for the two day event. We are requesting everybody who is having a 45 minutes session to reduce it to 20 minutes if possible.

    Can you please confirm whether we can schedule your talk for 20 minutes?



    Manoj, on behalf of the program committee

    • kumaraswamy Gowda
      By kumaraswamy Gowda  ~  8 months ago
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      Sure Manoj. I'll prepare the content for 20 mins.



      • Manoj NP
        By Manoj NP  ~  8 months ago
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        Thanks, Kumar for understanding! I have reduced the time slot to 20 minutes.




        for Program Committee

  • Pradeep Balachandran
    By Pradeep Balachandran  ~  10 months ago
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    Hi Kumar, Thanks for the submission! An interesting topic that is relevant to the developers.

    It will be good if you could enhance the abstract with details on any special tooling that you will be using. Also, in the outline, I presume you meant "JAX-RS" (instead of JAR-RS).

    • kumaraswamy Gowda
      By kumaraswamy Gowda  ~  10 months ago
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      Hi Pradeep,

      Nice to hear from you. I updated abstract a bit on the tooling.

      Yes, I meant JAX-RS.




  • Naresha K
    Naresha K
    Agile Coach
    AgileFAQs Tech
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins
    The Eclipse Foundation project Vert.x is a toolkit for developing polyglot reactive applications on the JVM. One can develop applications on Vert.x using not only JVM languages like Groovy, Ceylon but also languages like JavaScript and Ruby. Vert.x leverages event-driven and non-blocking techniques with the intention to help developers write high performant applications that are resource efficient.
    In this presentation, I will demonstrate the Vert.x way of architecting and developing applications. I will develop a few Verticles talking to each other through the event bus and expose the functionality through HTTP. I will use Groovy for most of my code examples along with JavaScript and Java to demonstrate the polyglot options.
  • Liked Ramlakshmanan

    Ramlakshmanan - Am I reading GC logs correctly?

    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins


    There are several formats for garbage collection logs. Depending on the Java vendor (Oracle, IBM, HP,...), Java version (5, 6, 7, 8, 9), GC algorithm (serial, parallel, CMS, G1), and JVM options (-X..) garbage collection log format varies. Analyzing all these formats is not trivial. In this session, you will not only learn how to analyze different GC log formats but also how to troubleshoot complex memory problems with help of GC logs. We will walk-through some of the serious troubled real-world GC logs and troubleshoot them.


  • Liked Gurpreet Sachdeva

    Gurpreet Sachdeva - Refactor Code To Java8

    45 Mins

    Java 8 was released quite a while ago and we are now close to release of Java 9. There are discussions of Java 10 features also. There are many who are still stuck with older versions for various reasons. Many people claim that their code supports Java 8 but they aren't really using the powerful features of Java 8 like lambda expressions, Streams API and the new Date / Time API. This session does a quick recap of the powerful and unique features of Java 8. Tips and techniques to identify areas of code fit for refactoring to Java 8, will be shown. Eclipse can be leveraged to refactor code to use features like lambdas and streams. Pros and Cons of these features would be covered so that an informed decision can be taken whether to refactor or not.