Eclipse for Modern PHP Development

With the increase in the use of internet for every purpose; right from leisure to business, the number of websites getting developed is increasing each day. We have moved from static to dynamic websites and PHP has made it easier for us to develop such dynamic websites. PHP, a server side scripting language has got a plethora of benefits, which have become the reasons of it being extensively used across the world for developing high class websites.

Choosing PHP for web development has many advantages like 

  • Ease of Learning And development
  • Cost Efficient
  • Well Maintained Documentation & Good Community Support
  • Platform independent
  • Proven and trusted

So how Eclipse Supports the development of PHP is what this Session Covers

Eclipse has the support for core PHP through a dedicated eclipse download for PHP

Along with Core PHP Support , I will explain and introduce to some of the other tools and plugins Which eases the PHP Development in Eclipse IDE

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction
  • choosing eclipse flavor
  • Important tools/plugins
    • PDT Extensions
    • Composer Plugin
    • External Run Configurations


Learning Outcome

Easily setup eclipse and other necessary tools to fast and easy development of PHP projects


Target Audience

Web Developers who uses or intend to use PHP

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  • Pradeep Balachandran
    By Pradeep Balachandran  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Raghavendar, Thanks for your submission of a relevant topic for a web developer.

    Could you please elaborate the abstract to have at least 6 sentences? In there you should mention why PHP is a good choice for web development (helpful for those who don't know PHP) and how Eclipse PHP capability helps in that process.

    • raghavendra kr
      By raghavendra kr  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Pradeep, 

      I updated the Abstract as per your recommendation