Building contrained OS for ARM Embedded targets using Eclipse

This talk cum demo aims at introducing Eclipse CDT support for firmware development for ARM based microcontrollers using gnuarmeclipse plugin with two case studies of building and flashing mbed os, zephyr os on supported target boards.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Installing gnuarmeclipse plugin in Eclipse CDT,configuring toolchain
  • Creating new projects based on available templates
  • Customizing the project with various preprocessor,compiler,linker,flash options
  • Flashing and debugging code on target using openocd integration
  • Case study - building and flashing ARM mbed project frome eclipse
  • Case study - configuring eclipse for Zephyr OS Development

Learning Outcome

Building and flashing firmware,constrained OS like mbed os,zephyr os for ARM micro controllers using Linux

Target Audience

Any body intrested in firmware development,working with contrained os using eclipse on Linux

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