Welcome to the world of Agile

As the world is becoming agile, many of the companies in IT industry are switching to Agile methodology for completion of the projects, Agile has enormous advantages over the traditional software development in terms of efficiency, in terms of increasing the productivity of employees, in terms of revenue generation, in terms of building an global image. Apart from Agile there is a another term named Scrum, Scrum is a advanced agile methodology or in short it is a framework where we have different roles and responsibilities.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Structure of the session will be the concepts of Agile and scrum with real world examples and starting with the basic fundamentals to the level of applying scrum in an organisation with different roles and responsibilities explained in detail.

Learning Outcome

Many of the organisations are still using the traditional development life cycle for completion of their projects, this presentation will create the importance and awareness for implementing Agile in almost all projects.

Target Audience

People who wants to implement Agile

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