Eclipse Summit 2017

Sat, Jul 29

    Registration - 30 mins

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    K.V. Subramaniam

    K.V. Subramaniam - Challenges in using accelarators via programming languages

    schedule  09:00 - 09:20 AM place Cauvery people 24 Interested

    Data has grown exponentially in the last few years and to generate an insight from this data requires processing of voluminous amounts of data. Processing data on traditional hardware has its limitations and we are seeing the emergence of different types of accelerators to address these limitations. In this talk we will look at alternate hardware and programming models that are becoming popular and the challenges to the Eclipse community.


    Opening Talk - 15 mins


    Coffee/Tea Break - 15 mins

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    Naveen Balani

    Naveen Balani - Building Intelligent connected products using Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive & Blockchain.

    schedule  10:00 - 10:45 AM place Cauvery people 23 Interested

    In this session, we will look at how to build intelligent connected products using a generic Enterprise IoT stack. We will discuss some of the key enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive IoT and Blockchain and how to infuse intelligence at each layer of the IoT stack.

    The session would cover 3 architecture patterns - Applying intelligence at the Edge, At the cloud and Hybrid approach. Various use cases would be covered - Real-time-decision at the edge using computer vision (security and surveillance), Cognitive IoT in Sports, Connected Car and Trust and compliance for security and connectivity using Blockchain.

    The session will also include a brief analysis of different Enterprise IoT platforms like IBM Watson IoT, GE Predix, Amazon IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT and open source software for building smart connected products.

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    Rajesh Sola

    Rajesh Sola - Gateway design with Eclipse Kura - Taking to new heights

    schedule  10:00 - 11:30 AM place Brahmaputra people 7 Interested

    This talk cum tutorial aims at introducing Eclipse Kura, OSGi based framework for IOT gateway design.It starts with kura architecture and key elements like bundles, services, web admin interface etc. and a tour of available APIs,services for hardware interfacing, wireless connectivity,cloud connectivity and industrial & automotive protocols.The next part proceeds with case study of building custom services,for eg:- adding client support for HTTP REST, InfluxDb in kura.Later few bridging scenarios will be covered on interfacing local networks with IOT Platforms like ThingSpeak, etc using these services and also storing data points in a time series at edge/gateway side using InfluxDb as an example.

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    Ankur Sharma

    Ankur Sharma - Mind your language – Quick sentence parsing using Apache OpenNLP

    schedule  11:00 - 11:20 AM place Cauvery people 22 Interested

    There will not be anyone in the room who hasn't heard of Artificial Intelligence. And many would may already know that NLP is the first step towards it. This will demonstrate how easy it can be to perform basic NLP operations like tokenisation and POS analysis using Apache OpenNLP. This will be a lightening 20 min talk and can be extended to a 45 min with a demo.

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    Deepu Xavier

    Deepu Xavier - Natural Language Processing & Java

    schedule  11:30 - 11:50 AM place Cauvery people 24 Interested

    This session will cover the basics of Natural Language Processing. We will see the basics of Named Entity Recognition, machine learning using custom models and a indent identification using Apache openNLP.

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    Manoj NP

    Manoj NP / Sasikanth Bharadwaj - JDT Embraces Java 9 - An insider's perspective

    schedule  11:30 - 11:50 AM place Brahmaputra people 16 Interested

    Eclipse Java Development Tooling or JDT has its own Java compiler at its core, aptly called the JDT Core consisting of the Java compiler and various tools including java model, search infrastructure, content assist, Abstract Syntax Tree Tools etc.  Java 9 is the latest entry in the Java world bringing along-with it a "module" of changes - so to speak.  Any change in the language standards affects JDT directly. While some of the earlier language specification changes affected only the compiler, Java 9, in contrast, has a direct impact on user who uses Eclipse IDE for creating and managing Java Projects. Java 9  introduces the concept of "Modules" which affects JDT from the compiler level to the project dependency layer affecting a normal user. Support for this feature will be dealt with, in detail, in this talk.

    This talk would start with a brief overview of the Java 9 features especially the "module" feature that have direct impact on Eclipse users,  describe the JDT support for features, touch upon some of the design aspects, and would conclude with a demo of Eclipse JDT for Java 9.

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    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti - Eclipse bug's lifecycle

    schedule  12:00 - 12:20 PM place Cauvery people 7 Interested

    This talk takes you through the life cycle of a bug in Eclipse from the filing of the bug to the state of commit of the solution of that bug. As all are aware, all the issues are tracked via bugzilla, and the story starts with the creation of the bug

    New -> Analyze and move to Assigned. The owner of the bug analyzes, finds the solution, writes the test cases and commits into Gerrit. Gerrit runs all the tests and if found successful will flag so. Then the owner adds the reviewers, Reviewers review the code and suggests any changes inline and owner acts upon them. This repeats till there are no more review comments. Owner commits code using gerrit itself.

    This talk will take you through a demo of this process.

  • schedule  12:00 - 12:20 PM place Brahmaputra people 12 Interested
    The Eclipse Foundation project Vert.x is a toolkit for developing polyglot reactive applications on the JVM. One can develop applications on Vert.x using not only JVM languages like Groovy, Ceylon but also languages like JavaScript and Ruby. Vert.x leverages event-driven and non-blocking techniques with the intention to help developers write high performant applications that are resource efficient.
    In this presentation, I will demonstrate the Vert.x way of architecting and developing applications. I will develop a few Verticles talking to each other through the event bus and expose the functionality through HTTP. I will use Groovy for most of my code examples along with JavaScript and Java to demonstrate the polyglot options.

    Lunch - 60 mins

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    Mikael Barbero

    Mikael Barbero - Language Server Protocol: Why the hype?

    schedule  01:30 - 02:15 PM place Cauvery people 22 Interested

    The Language Server Protocol developed by Microsoft for Visual Studio Code is a language and IDE agnostic protocol which clearly separates language semantics from UI presentation. Language developers can implement the protocol and benefit from immediate support in all IDEs, while IDE developers, who implement the protocol get automatic support for all these languages without having to write any language-specific code. This session will let you learn more about the innards of the LSP. We will also have an overview of the current implementations in Eclipse, and outside Eclipse as well.

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    Allahbaksh Asadullah

    Allahbaksh Asadullah - Generating Spring, Angular4 application in Jiffy

    schedule  02:30 - 02:50 PM place Cauvery people 16 Interested

    JHipster is an CRUD application generator that allows you to create monoliths or microservices based on Spring Boot, Angular applications. It is based on Yeoman. It has very vibrant community and is one of the leading app generator in Java world.

    JHipster generates production ready Angular4 application with Spring as backend. This reduces the time taken to write the boiler plate code like authentication, Database connectivity, Audit, Services, Mapping of bean classes etc.

    It leverages Spring Cloud for microservices and contains best-of-breed TypeScript and CSS/SaaS libraries for creating UI.

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    Lakshmi priya

    Lakshmi priya - What's new in Eclipse Oxygen!

    schedule  02:30 - 02:50 PM place Brahmaputra people 14 Interested

    Eclipse Oxygen is the latest release of the Eclipse IDE that will ship on June 28th this year. Every new release of Eclipse is packed with exciting new features and Oxygen is no exception. This session will provide an overview of the new features and enhancements that will be available in Eclipse Oxygen. Do attend the session to see some cool new features such as Hi-DPI support, generic text editor, trigger point, etc. in action.


    Coffee/Tea Break - 15 mins

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    Vaibhav Choudhary

    Vaibhav Choudhary - Towards a better parallelism

    schedule  03:15 - 04:00 PM place Cauvery people 18 Interested

    World is moving fast towards parallelism. It will soon be seen that parallelism is the default nomenclature of the new software design. As a core member of Java Platforms Team, I want to bring the fact that how programming languages are leveraging the power the parallelism in this world of many core processors.

    Though parallelism is the new demand, it is extremely hard generate performance on parallelism. We need to learn "the best practices" for parallelism.

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    Vidyasagar Machupalli

    Vidyasagar Machupalli / Srihari Kulkarni - Deliver cloud apps with ease

    schedule  03:15 - 03:35 PM place Brahmaputra people 15 Interested

    In this session, you will learn about IBM Eclipse tools for Bluemix. IBM® Eclipse Tools for Bluemix® provides plug-ins that can be installed into an existing Eclipse environment to assist in integrating the developer's integrated development environment (IDE) with Bluemix.

    Build and deploy to the cloud from Eclipse

    Code with content-assist in the environment you know for your Bluemix-hosted services. Deliver code through DevOps or use Eclipse Orion as your web IDE.

    Quickly iterate and scale

    Build and debug cloud apps running on Bluemix in Eclipse. Leverage web planning and tracking tools. Simplify your collaborative development streams.

    Deploy automatically across environments

    Deliver workloads however you choose across cloud, on-premises or off. Utilize Git hosting and newer delivery models if you wish.

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    kumaraswamy Gowda

    kumaraswamy Gowda - Build RESTful application with simplified approach to Expose and Test

    schedule  03:45 - 04:05 PM place Brahmaputra people 16 Interested

    Creating REST services has been a need in most of the organization with clients being a Web or Mobile app consuming the same set of services. In this session, learn how to create RESTful services using Eclipse, that caters to different clients. Exposing the services is as important as building them. Understand how to make your service discoverable in an efficient manner across cross functional teams, users along with an ability to test it in much simplified manner using Swagger APIs.

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    Ramakrishna Ravi

    Ramakrishna Ravi - Measurement data analyzer based on openMDM

    schedule  04:15 - 04:35 PM place Cauvery people 13 Interested

    Maintaining and analyzing measured data is crucial for achieving high product quality, early product validation and for fast paced production of variants where measured data need to be compared and analyzed among variants. The standardization of Measured Data Management  (MDM) across domains has been a topic  that has gained significant importance in recent times.

    openMDM is an Eclipse project that provides an open platform for MDM that aims at simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment of MDM systems.
    This session will demonstrate a 2D/3D representation of measured data based on openMDM using visualization projects available under Eclipse Science like ICE (Integrated Computational Environment) and EAVP (Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project)

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    Gireesh Punathil

    Gireesh Punathil - Show and tell: Generator patterns and new use cases

    schedule  04:15 - 04:35 PM place Brahmaputra people 13 Interested

    While ES6 generator patterns are designed to empower javascript language with iteration capabilities on heterogenous data structures in custom mannaer, the event-driven asynchronous programming model of Node.js transforms this feature into an interesting semantics in the execution flow control with un-precedented potential in managing concurrency.

    The session talks about how the generator pattern helps in iterating over deeply nested structures in a repeatable manner which follows a yield-resume pattern. I show a couple of real-world use cases where this approach helps in addressing performance / scalability / concurrency issues in large scale node.js applications, with an associated demo.

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    Sarika Sinha

    Sarika Sinha / Daniel Megert / Mikael Barbero / Prasanna - Panel - Relevance of Eclipse in changing time

    schedule  04:45 - 05:15 PM place Cauvery people 21 Interested

    Through the day, we are covering a lot of different topics. This panel will help you answer some of the questions that might not get answered during the day.


    Closing Talk - 15 mins