Reinventing Performance Reviews for Agile Teams

  • With heavy emphasis on financial rewards and punishments and their end-of-year structure, yearly appraisals hold people accountable for past behavior at the expense of improving current performance and grooming talent for the future.
  • SMART objectives applied to software development try to force false objectivity onto inherently subjective efforts

Agile Practice focuses on:

  • Creating a Collaborative environment
  • Focus on group goals than individual goals
  • Team intelligence precedes Individual
  • Iterative way of building the right product
  • Frequent feedback cycles instead of waiting until the end

Can we design our performance management to complement our agile engineering teams?


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Appraisals - How we got there?
  2. Traditional Performance Appraisal
  3. SMART way of evaluation
  4. Re-evaluating evaluation
  5. The Core of Agility
  6. Its the TEAM that counts
  7. Appraisals - Frequent - Forward looking - empirical
  8. How things are changing worldwide

Learning Outcome

This is a session that provides an alternate and and effective way of evaluating individuals and designing the reward distribution system.

Target Audience

Scrum Team Managers, Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Project Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session will be valuable to people who have any experience with evaluating performance of individuals. This is also valuable for engineers and individual contributors who would like to understand and provide feedback on the performance evaluation process.

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