How to balance predictability and value creation?

This is a challenge each project faces – bigger the project, bigger the challenge. This need for predictability is real because most of our world is not Agile but milestone and time driven. The enterprise customers need to know the date of a product release to plan for lab upgrade, the finance needs to know about lab upgrade so that they can allocate that money in a particular quarter and the CFO needs to know the quarterly spend to provide Wall Street guidance on the share price. On the other hand delivering value is a discovery process and value creation happens after multiple build-measure-learn iterations.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Discuss the need of predictability. What are some metrics that can help build predictability. The cone of uncertainty and how to use that to predict the end dates. What are cold starts and warm starts. Tools that help in reducing risks and building predictability.

Learning Outcome

Application of these ideas to build predictability in a software project.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Project Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Exposure to enterprise software development in a leadership capacity.

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