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    Property based testing for functional domain models

    Debasish Ghosh
    Debasish Ghosh
    schedule 2 years ago
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    45 mins

    Manual testing is something that's error prone, incomplete and impossible to replicate on a large scale. We have instead been using xUnit style of testing for quite some time now. This approach has a number of drawbacks like (a) We need to write test cases by hand which again doesn't scale for large systems (b) We may miss out some of the edge cases (c) Safeguarding missing cases with coverage metrics doesn't help, since metrics are mostly based on heuristics (d) maintaining test cases and test data is a real pain.

    In property based testing we write properties and not low level test cases. And let the system generate test cases which validate such properties. There are 2 main advantages with this approach:

    1. You think in terms of properties (or specifications) of the domain model which is the right granularity to think about
    2. You don't need to manage test cases, which is completely done by the system that generates a large collection of test data

    This approach is ideal for the functional programming paradigm, which focuses on pure functions. Using functional programming it's easier to reason about your model - hence it's easier to test functional programs using properties. In this talk I will take some real world examples of property validation and verification using scalacheck (the property based testing library for Scala) and a real world domain model.

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