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    Functional Programming in Ruby

    Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett
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    45 mins

    Although Ruby is not known as a functional language, it does support higher order functions in the form of lambdas and procs. Ruby's support for both object oriented and functional approaches, along with its conciseness, clarity, and expressiveness, make it an excellent choice as a general purpose programming language.

    This session, geared toward the functional novice, shows how to implement functional approaches in Ruby, and shows why you would want to.

    Topics covered will include:

    • in testing, using lambdas to verify that certain behaviors do or do not not raise errors
    • lambdas as predicates
    • deferred execution
    • composite functions
    • nested functions
    • using lambdas to hide variables
    • functions that return functions (partial application, currying)
    • lightweight event handling
    • chaining behavior with lambda arrays
    • how lambdas differ from conventional Ruby methods
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