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    Compile your own cloud with Mirage OS v2.0

    Thomas Gazagnaire
    Thomas Gazagnaire
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    60 mins

    Most applications running in the cloud are not optimized to do so. They make assumptions about the underlying operating system, resulting in larger footprints with increased costs and risks.  The open source Mirage OS represents a new approach where the application code is combined with the specific components of the operating system it needs into a single-purpose unikernel appliance. With Mirage OS, developers can create lean and efficient unikernels for secure, cost-effective and high-performance network applications. Mirage OS unikernels run directly on the Xen Project hypervisor, which allows them to be quickly deployed to many leading cloud platforms.

    Mirage OS is fully written in OCaml, from the device drivers and network stack to higher-level synchronisation protocols and databases. In this presentation I will explain how we developed Mirage OS and why we choose to do so in a strongly typed functional language with a powerful module langage. I will then present some of the new features of Mirage OS v2.0 such as: support for ARM devices, Irmin: a Git-like distributed database and OCaml-TLS: a comprehensive implementation of the TLS protocol in pure OCaml. 

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