Functional programming in university curriculum

Haskell has got all it takes to be a suitable first programming language, like automatic memory management, readability, REPL and terseness. Given Haskell's strong academic roots, it is an irony that it is not being taught in universities.What stops universities from teaching Haskell as a first language? Teaching Haskell, or functional programming in general could have a profound impact on programmers. This talk examines

  1. the "good parts" programmers could acquire if they are taught Haskell as a first language.
  2. what factors hamper the adoption of Haskell as a first language
  3. how you(you = programmer interested in Haskell and writes Java at his day job) can help
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Outline/structure of the Session

Learning Outcome

How Haskell is suitable as a first language to learn

Target Audience


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