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    Fault-Tolerance on the Cheap: Making Systems That (Probably) Won't Fall Over

    Brian Lee Troutwine
    Brian Lee Troutwine
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    45 mins

    Building computer systems that are reliable is hard. The functional programming community has invested a lot of time and energy into up-front-correctness guarantees: types and the like. Unfortunately, absolutely correct software is time-consuming to write and expensive. Fault-tolerant systems achieve system-total reliability by accepting that sub-components will fail and planning for that failure as a first-class concern of the system. As companies embrace the wave of "as-a-service" architectures, failure of sub-systems become a more pressing concern. Using examples from heavy industry, aeronautics and telecom systems, this talk will explore how you can design for fault-tolerance using functional programming techniques, type theory, monitoring, instrumentation and effective team dynamics. 

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