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    Building an Experimentation Platform in Clojure

    Nivedita Priyadarshini
    Nivedita Priyadarshini
    Srihari Sriraman
    Srihari Sriraman
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    45 mins
    Experience Report

    Here's a markdown version of this proposal: https://gist.github.com/ssrihari/1cad915e7ef22ce61b54

    Over the last year and half at Staples SparX, we built a multivariate testing platform as a service. It satisfies an SLA of 10ms at 99.9th percentile, services all of Staples' experimentation from a single machine, is simulation tested, and is written in Clojure.

    We'll give an introduction to the Experimentation domain, design of experiments and our battle in attaining statistical significance with constrained traffic. We will share our experiences in loading and reporting over months of data in Datomic, using Clojure to grow a resilient postgres cluster, using a homegrown jdbc driver, interesting anecdotes, and OLAP solutions with ETL built in Clojure using core.async. Expect to see references to google white papers, latency and network graphs, histograms, comparison tables and an eyeful of clojure code.

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