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    Instrumentation and Monitoring for Functional Architectures

    Brian Lee Troutwine
    Brian Lee Troutwine
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    480 mins

    Using a hands-on format, this workshop will address the design and construction of a well-understood back-of-house system found in larger organizations: a resource-consumption based billing system. We will focus on multi-group collaboration to build a service-oriented architecture with individual groups being responsible for a service vertical. Basic infrastructure tools and specific goals for each service vertical will introduce and teach functional concepts that will be immediately useful in existing production environment. Each service vertical and the total integrated system will be exercised by a tool that I will provide. Intra-component protocols will be well-specified and groups will be free to meet their goals as they see fit. No specific language will be used. Participants are encouraged to use languages they are comfortable with. The principles being taught in this workshop will require functional architectures and this will be covered explicitly. Special emphasis will be placed on designing for instrumentation and monitoring using functional principles and the goals of the workshop will support this emphasis. 

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